Dr Irena Eris Ladies’ Golf Cup tournament is the tournament held annually under the patronage of the Polish Golf Association, first category in ranked PZG. The tournament will be played on the 18-hole golf course (Mazury Golf&CC) on 14-15 of June 2021.


Polish Golf Ranking

  1. The tournament is played according to the Rules of Golf as approved by R & A Rules Ltd. and according to the rules approved by the Local Committee of the Tournament. All players and their assistant (caddies) are required to make compliance with the rules of golf labels under penalty of disqualification
  2. The composition of the Tournament Committee consists of: Tournament Director, Pro of golf course, Club Director, chief referee.


Eligible to play in the tournament:

  1. Amateur according to the definitions contained in the Rules of Golf R & A Rules Ltd;
  2. Players – members of the PZG with actually HCP PZG on 14th of  June 2021.
  3. Players having actual HCP card issued by other than PZG national associations / federations of golf, provided you have a current, official confirmation of HCP.

Priority participation in the tournament are players with a lower handicap and in the case of equal handicap players, which reported earlier on the tournament. In the event of a reduction handicap player automatically promoted to the starting list before the players with a handicap higher but the handicap can be lowered only until 30th of April 2021.


Applications and qualifications

  1. Registrations to make the tournament are accepted from 8th of  March to 16th of April 2021 exclusively on the official application forms on the Website of Electronic
  2. The tournament is a maximum for 100 players and players with “wild cards”.
  3. Qualification for the tournament will be based on the increasing value of HCP (for the tournament will be qualified 100 players with the lowest handicap).
  4. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to award 14 “wild cards” to the tournament.
  5. List of qualified and reserve players will be announced on the Website on 30th of April 2021.


Registration and closing of the start list

  1. Players qualified for the tournament are required to register at the Tournament Centre at 7.30-10.00 on 14th of June, 2021. Registration may be in person or by phone: +48 696 445 687
  2. The official closing of the start list for the tournament will take place on 11th of June 2021 at 12.00 pm.

Tournament format

The tournament will be played over 36 holes in a format Stroke gross and net Stableford 3/4 handicap.


The winners of the tournament

The winners of the tournament of Dr Irena Eris Ladies Golf Cup for Stroke gross receive the following titles:

  • I place – The Mistress Tournament of Dr Irena Eris Ladies’ Golf Cup
  • II place – I Vice-Mistress the Tournament of Dr Irena Eris Ladies’ Golf Cup
  • III place – II Vice-Mistress the Tournament of Dr Irena Eris Ladies’ Golf Cup

Other categories

  • I, II, III place in the category stableford net 3/4 HCP in different handicap groups:

Category HCP 0 – 16,4

  • I place
  • II place
  • III place

Category HCP 16,5 – 21,4

  • I place
  • II place
  • III place

Category HCP 21,5 – 27,4

  • I place
  • II place
  • III place

Category HCP 27,5 – 27,4

  • I place
  • II place
  • III place

Additional competitions:

Special prizes for competitions played during the tournament (Longest Drive, Nearest to the Pin).
Prizes are not duplicated – the winner of the prize in the main category can not both be winners in the categories additional – in this case the award in the category will receive an additional player next in order.


In case of a tie for first place in the classification Strokeplay the gross first decide play-off in the “sudden death” after the end of the round essential, on holes set by the Tournament Committee at the time of announcement play-off. If play-off will be involved more than two players, play-off will continue until the emergence of a winner. The next will take place in the order of contestants falling off of play-off in such a way that the later a contestant was eliminated, the higher takes place. In the event that two or more players eliminated from the play-off after the same hole, on the occupied places determined by the higher gross result in the following order: the second round, the last 9, 6, 3, the last hole of the last round. In case of a tie for second place on the occupied places determined by the higher gross result in the following order: the second round, the last 9, 6, 3, the last hole of the last round. Places outside the top three will be awarded ex aequo. In case of equal results in the net category will be considered stableford net better results in the following order: the last round, the last 9, 6, 3, 1 holes (count-back rule).


Start time of the game

The tournament will start at 9.30. The groups began playing at the same time from the holes No. 1 and No. 10 from the red tee.
Each of the players should be ready to start the game five minutes before the start time set for it by the Tournament Committee. If the contestant fails to appear ready to play within 5 minutes after the starting time established (see note to Reg. 6-3), in the absence of circumstances that warrant waiving the penalty of disqualification, the penalty for failure to start on time (instead of disqualification) are two strokes criminal (see Reg. 33-7). Official start time is measured by the clock located at the place of take-off.


Returning scorecards

Marker is obliged to write to each hole only the gross score of players, which is a marker and your own. The responsibility for providing correct and complete results and the submission of valid signatures on the cards bear player. Returning scorecards will be held at the Tournament Centre by a person appointed by the Tournament Committee within 15 minutes after the end of the round.
If a competitor does not pass your card according to the above record, it may be disqualified, unless circumstances warrant waiving such penalty (Rule 6-6b).

Delaying the game. Slow Play

The Tournament Committee will determine the time that the group should play a hole, a round or part of it.
Each group must retain its position in the course in relation to the preceding group. Group will be considered as not retaining its position (“out of position”) in the case where the time difference between the preceding group will be greater than the difference in the start time. The group, which exceeds the allowable time will be warned by the referee. If the next two holes, the group is still delayed or “out of position”, the group will be timed without re warning. Time to strike should not exceed: for the first group of athletes – 50 seconds on the approach shot, chip or putt and 40 seconds tee shot or hitting second, third or fourth players in the group. If any of the players exceeds this time, it will be considered as delaying the game and receive appropriate penalty from the referee.

The penalty for delaying the game is:
First offense: one penalty stroke.
second offense: two penalty strokes,
Third offense: disqualification


Suspension of play due to bad weather

If the Tournament Committee determines that for any reason the course is not suitable for playing, or that there are reasons to prevent the game, may order a temporary suspension of play or cancel the game and all the results of the round.


Suspension of play due to a dangerous situation (note to Reg. 6-8b)

If a game is suspended by the Tournament Committee because of the dangerous situation when players are between the holes, they must not resume play until the resumption of the Tournament Committee. If the players are in the course of playing a hole, they must discontinue play immediately and proceed in accordance with Reg. 6-8.c. If a player fails to discontinue play, it will be disqualified, unless circumstances warrant waiving such penalty, according to Reg. 33-7.

The signal for suspending play will sound the siren:
Immediate discontinuation of the game: one long tone siren,
interruption of the game: three consecutive siren signals
Resumption of play: two short siren signals.


Using electronic equipment

The use of walkie-talkies, cell phones and pagers during the game is prohibited. The use of mobile phones is only allowed to contact the referee or the Tournament Committee. In case of violation of this rule, a player can be disqualified if the Tournament Committee considers that such a punishment is justified (Reg. 33-7).

Distance measuring devices

In this tournament, the player can use electronic and optical distance measuring devices. If, during a stipulated round the player uses a distance measuring device to indicate or measure other parameters that may have an impact on his game (eg. The degree of slope of the terrain, wind speed, etc.), Violates Rule 14-3.

Golf carts (such Melex) and electric

During a stipulated round are prohibited Wheelchair self-propelled type Golf cart. The penalty for breaking the rule – disqualification. Electric carts are allowed.



Caddie can not be a professional player or a player who took part in the same tournament. In the case of junior caddy can not be a parent.


Tournament organizer reserves the right to change the category of handicap until 11th of June 2021.
Tournament Committee authorizes tournament players train between rounds.


“Each participant who taking part in a tournament agree to the processing of personal data * accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997. (As amended) on the protection of personal data and on the terms set out therein in order to: marketing activities undertaken by the organizer, consisting of the shipping information and e-mails, and related golf tournament, sending commercial information electronically in accordance with art. 10 of the Act of 18 July 2002. On electronic services (Dz. U. of 2002., No. 144, item. 1204, as amended). Transmission magazines and advertising materials by the Organizer on their own or entities authorized for this type of action by the Organiser, the transfer of personal data for the needs of the participant Dr Irena Eris Group companies, in relation to the sending participant invitations to events organized by the Dr Irena Eris Group companies.

The participant also agrees to the free use of the image and likeness of film materials and photographs, and other, prepared by the company Cosmetic Laboratory of Dr Irena Eris Sp. o.o. and by its subsidiaries, as well as by companies associated with capital Cosmetic Laboratory of Dr Irena Eris Sp. o.o. “